Yummy Chip Dip


If you are a chips and salsa kind of person, do yourself a favor and try peach mango salsa. I was sceptical, but I’m here to tell you, SO good. Especially  if you eat it with cream cheese. I know, it sounds weird, but what do you think is the base of many a tasty chip dip? That’s right, cream cheese. I’m totally taking this to the next event I have to bring food to because I know I’ll love I’m even if no one else does!


Forgetting how to do my job

First day back to work today. I’ve been off for 2 weeks on unpaid vacation the college likes to call winter break. Oh the joy/sorrow of working in education.

I actually had a dream last night that I forgot to clean my desk before break, and when I got to work I was just roaming about, helping myself to orange juice from the cafeteria without paying for it and finally trying to issue an ID after the person had been waiting for me for 15 minutes, and filing because everything was in such dissarry. Well the dream didn’t come true, thank god. I did remember to clean before break and I didn’t keep anyone waiting. However I failed to notice that I hadn’t set the tracking system to roll over to the new year. So all day, I entered people on December  23. Since this system tracks our customer  flow, I had to go through all 10 people and weed out the ones that actually did come  in on the 23, delete the ones that belonged on the 5th, open the new semester then re-enter them all. In the words of Homer Simpson – Doh!

I Bought A Ring

While browsing at Kohls today my aunt found a ring she really liked. She noticed they were buy-one-get-one and told me to pick one. While looking for a ring I liked, I tried one on. It fit my fourth finger, so I tried it on my middle finger. And it got stuck.

No, like seriously stuck.

Thank god my aunt reminded me that lotion would fix the problem. I thought for a moment I was going to have to buy the ring and check out with it on my finger!  Thank goodness I had some. Can you imagine the alternative? Instead of buying just the ring, I’d have had to purchase lotion from the cosmetics section to remove the ring. Or check out with the ring box attached to my hand.

In the end, I bought a ring. Actually, she bought the ring. we couldn’t stop laughing though,even as my middle finger was continuing to swell making it even harder to get the ring off, even with the lotion. I feel strangle connected to that ring now.


Here’s thering. It’s blurry I’m typing this on my tablet and I’m too lazy to take the photo with my phone and transfer it.

In this photo it looks too big for my hand, but to my eyes it looks just fine!

Starting of With a Bang

Day 3 – I went to work at my aunts today cleaning her basent. I threw a load in the washer only to have it back up all over the place. She just had the lines shot this summer, but something is definitely blocking flow, so she’ll have to pay another plumbing bill. Why does it seem like the new year always starts with bad news. Last year it was the death of my beloved cat, Sammy. We lost a lot of loved ones in 2014.


So far, there hasn’t been any really bad news, just starting the year flat broke thanks to a $950 car repair bill and a few thousand in dental work during December. Maybe this year there will be fewer losses in life in exchange for hefty financial bills.

Happy New Year

Is that a wish or a command? I just realized, it’s kinda pushy sounding. Sort of like “do it! Go be happy right now!”

Sorry, random thoughts. Anyway, I thought a facebook meme that said “You have 365 days to right a new story.” Or something like that. Sounds like a challenge to me to keep a record of the year. So here goes.

Jan 1 – cause I’m a day behind – We rearranged the living room and binge watched S.H.E.I.LD.


The couch and the TV traded places, but it seriously seems bigger and brighter in there. Oh, also took down all the Christmas crap. House seems sad and bereft now.

January 2 – helped my mother-in-law go through stuff in her basement. We’re trying to get it on the market this year so she can move to a smaller place. It’s just her and the dog, she doesn’t need or want all the space she currently has.


We made good progress. Just look to the right of where I’m standing.

How to Cook a Frozen Pizza


If you are a typical American, then you have cooked many a frozen pizza. By following the directions on the package how often does it turn out looking that pretty? Not very often would be my guess. Usually they’re still cold in the middle, OR if you leave it in long enough to get the browning on top, you’ve completely burned the bottom. Well, I ‘m going to pass on a piece of middle America sage wisdom to you. To get a perfectly cooked frozen pizza, do not preheat the oven. This is so key, I’m going to repeat it. DO NOT PREHEAT THE OVEN!

The key is to place your frozen pizza in a cold oven, crank it to 425*, regardless of what the package tells you, and bake for approximately 20 minutes.

The pizza in the picture my friends is a 2.99 Mama Cozzi pepperoni from Aldi. And it’s cooked to perfection. I’ve done this with Jacks, Red Baron, California Kitchen. If it’s a thin crust, this works. I don’t eat those rising dough types so I won’t say it will work for those. But on a good cheap frozen pizza, this method is the only way to go. Try it. What have you got to loose? 3 – 5 dollars if it doesn’t work. You’ll save 10 minutes of preheating if it does. Let me know if you decide to try this. I’m 99.999% certain this will change your pizza experiences for life.