My name is Stephenie, as if you couldn’t guess that. I started this blog back-in-the-day on MySpace. It began as a way to rant to my friends about my musings on the world. I got rid of the MySpace account, but decided to keep the blog. This used to be on Blogger, then I decided to migrate like the birds of winter over here to WordPress and not everything came with me! So if you notice something funky in the old blogs, that’s why.

 I don’t have kids, I have cats, so you’re going to hear about them. I’m sometimes crafty and I’m not above sharing that with you either. Occasionally I get political. Please feel free to ignore those blogs. And sometimes I might sound crazy. DEFINATLY ignore those blogs. I like having an outlet to share my immense genius with the world. If you enjoyed any of my ramblings, please drop me a comment and let me know. If you have a mean personality, please keep it to yourself. Thanks! And have a great day!


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