Is it hypocondria if you’re applying it to your friends?

Ah, abnormal psyc. How do I love thee? With all your…abnormalities. Let me count the ways.

My instructor warned us at the beginning of class that by the end we’d want to diagnose everyone we know. He was also emphatic in explaining that this is a mistake because it takes years and years of clinical study before you’re ready to diagnose a patient. This hasn’t stopped me from making a list in the back of my notebook however of everyone I know who suffers from an abnormal condition. My mother has at least 2. No, I swear she does! I’ve already informed her of the the one. She was grateful to be able to put a name to it. Obviously, I’m on the right path.

But seriously, I should have taken these classes years ago. It’s a bit like going to therapy without someone asking “how does that makes you feel”. I will yell you anyway. I feel the best I have in years! This is most like the person I used to be before I got insecure. And all
for the low low cost of a college degree! I even confronted a woman in the parking lot the other day who stole my space. Then today I got on the phone with Comcast. I lost that battle, but the point was that I went into the battle in the first place. Self discovery truly is good for the soul.


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