I’m Regressing


Do you know what the best thing about going back to school is? Eating like I’m 19 again. I swear the only time I come close to a balanced meal any more is when we go to a restaurant. I’m not proud of that, but this is a really great dinner!

I’m not the only one in school right now. My husband is too. He works 2 jobs plus takes 2 classes. That’s where he is right now. Class from 7 to 9:30, so I’m obviously on my own for dinner. Even if he wasn’t in class, though, I’d probably still be on my own. That’s because we’re still following the 8 hour diet and he prefers breakfast and lunch, while I prefer lunch and dinner. This has led to him eating fast food at every meal. I eat fast food or cafeteria food myself for lunch every day, but dinner is often more creative. We’re not really loosing weight, but we’re not gaining it either, and our stomachs have shrunk A TON.

Anyways, back to dinner. Left over Pizza Hut and chocolate chip ice cream. I’ve been hungry for ice cream despite the fact that it’s like 20* outside. And let’s face it, Pizza Hut taste  better the second day. Why is that? It’s really kind of bad when it’s freah, but day old? It’s ‘the bomb’.

Not that I may ever get to eat it. I may not have human children tugging at my sleeve for attention, but I have pets. One of whom did not take kindly to her meow mix and is depositing it in various room of my house. If you don’t own a cat then you can’t begin to understand how quickly you can drop everything at the sound of the first “ack ack ack” right before a hairball or hastily devoured dinner comes back up. You learn to move quickly because they never puke on a hard surface like linoleum. It’s always someplace soft – like your bed – and your trying to get to them before the spew comes up in hopes of moving them to a more appropriate puke zone. There is a very good reason my environmentally minded friends that paper towels will continue to be mass produced and bought and it’s called pets and children. As housemates they can both be kind of disgusting.

Oh well. Now my ice cream is looking like soup. Guess I get to drink it instead.


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