The New Year is a Blank Slate?

So I started out trying to write something everyday because of a stupid quote on Facebook about each day being a blank page in the book of your life and it being up to you what goes on that page. Inspiring, right? I even joked that it sounded like a challenge. Well, that was where I went wrong. I’m not a particularly competitive person. Turns out you need to be if you’re going to accept a challenge. Otherwise, there is no drive to keep you going.

The quote wasn’t wrong, however. There is definitely a blank something in my life. Turns out it’s mind. Every time I try to come up with a creative idea, my mind goes blank. Which actually does result in a blank page.

Well there you are! I finally fulfilled a new years resolution. Just wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

So instead, maybe I’ll try the picture a day challenge. Is it possible to be so creativily blocked you can’t find a subject for a camera? Not in my house! I have pets and if the rest of the world fails to inspire me, I can always fall back on them. So, here’s a picture I took a couple days ago. I know it wasn’t today, but it’s since the new year so it totally counts. Oh geez. I’m already bending the rules. This will be a disaster! Anyway, without further ado, a frost fog picture from last Wednesday.



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