Forgetting how to do my job

First day back to work today. I’ve been off for 2 weeks on unpaid vacation the college likes to call winter break. Oh the joy/sorrow of working in education.

I actually had a dream last night that I forgot to clean my desk before break, and when I got to work I was just roaming about, helping myself to orange juice from the cafeteria without paying for it and finally trying to issue an ID after the person had been waiting for me for 15 minutes, and filing because everything was in such dissarry. Well the dream didn’t come true, thank god. I did remember to clean before break and I didn’t keep anyone waiting. However I failed to notice that I hadn’t set the tracking system to roll over to the new year. So all day, I entered people on December  23. Since this system tracks our customer  flow, I had to go through all 10 people and weed out the ones that actually did come  in on the 23, delete the ones that belonged on the 5th, open the new semester then re-enter them all. In the words of Homer Simpson – Doh!


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