I Bought A Ring

While browsing at Kohls today my aunt found a ring she really liked. She noticed they were buy-one-get-one and told me to pick one. While looking for a ring I liked, I tried one on. It fit my fourth finger, so I tried it on my middle finger. And it got stuck.

No, like seriously stuck.

Thank god my aunt reminded me that lotion would fix the problem. I thought for a moment I was going to have to buy the ring and check out with it on my finger!  Thank goodness I had some. Can you imagine the alternative? Instead of buying just the ring, I’d have had to purchase lotion from the cosmetics section to remove the ring. Or check out with the ring box attached to my hand.

In the end, I bought a ring. Actually, she bought the ring. we couldn’t stop laughing though,even as my middle finger was continuing to swell making it even harder to get the ring off, even with the lotion. I feel strangle connected to that ring now.


Here’s thering. It’s blurry I’m typing this on my tablet and I’m too lazy to take the photo with my phone and transfer it.

In this photo it looks too big for my hand, but to my eyes it looks just fine!

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