Happy New Year

Is that a wish or a command? I just realized, it’s kinda pushy sounding. Sort of like “do it! Go be happy right now!”

Sorry, random thoughts. Anyway, I thought a facebook meme that said “You have 365 days to right a new story.” Or something like that. Sounds like a challenge to me to keep a record of the year. So here goes.

Jan 1 – cause I’m a day behind – We rearranged the living room and binge watched S.H.E.I.LD.


The couch and the TV traded places, but it seriously seems bigger and brighter in there. Oh, also took down all the Christmas crap. House seems sad and bereft now.

January 2 – helped my mother-in-law go through stuff in her basement. We’re trying to get it on the market this year so she can move to a smaller place. It’s just her and the dog, she doesn’t need or want all the space she currently has.


We made good progress. Just look to the right of where I’m standing.


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