How to Cook a Frozen Pizza


If you are a typical American, then you have cooked many a frozen pizza. By following the directions on the package how often does it turn out looking that pretty? Not very often would be my guess. Usually they’re still cold in the middle, OR if you leave it in long enough to get the browning on top, you’ve completely burned the bottom. Well, I ‘m going to pass on a piece of middle America sage wisdom to you. To get a perfectly cooked frozen pizza, do not preheat the oven. This is so key, I’m going to repeat it. DO NOT PREHEAT THE OVEN!

The key is to place your frozen pizza in a cold oven, crank it to 425*, regardless of what the package tells you, and bake for approximately 20 minutes.

The pizza in the picture my friends is a 2.99 Mama Cozzi pepperoni from Aldi. And it’s cooked to perfection. I’ve done this with Jacks, Red Baron, California Kitchen. If it’s a thin crust, this works. I don’t eat those rising dough types so I won’t say it will work for those. But on a good cheap frozen pizza, this method is the only way to go. Try it. What have you got to loose? 3 – 5 dollars if it doesn’t work. You’ll save 10 minutes of preheating if it does. Let me know if you decide to try this. I’m 99.999% certain this will change your pizza experiences for life.

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