A Little Education, A Little Psychology

The next time you complain about a teacher, I just want you to understand the educational commitment it takes to become one. Getting an education to become an educator is not for the weak. It’s also not for those who aren’t able to put their lives on hold to accomplish it.

I started this semester with the intention to get my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I knew going in that I would have to do 40 hours of observation for one class, as well as the two semesters of student teaching when I would have to quit my job and find something that offered weekend hours in order to pay my bills – a prospect that scared the bejeezus out of me. But then I met with my adviser, and I began to realize that the modern teacher’s education require a LOT of classroom time – and I don’t mean college classroom time. In addition to the 40 hours and the student teaching that I just mentioned, there are at least another three classes that require 3 hours in the morning, three days a week at an elementary school, then 3 more hours in the afternoon, those same three days a week, at the college – PER CLASS! Try holding down a job when you are spending that much time unavailable for work. So… NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! As least not at a job that pays me enough to meet my bills.And I can assure you that 16 hours a week at 8.75/hr is not going to pay my bills. Or anyone else’s for that matter.Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not complaining. The great thing about this curriculum is that by the time a teacher candidate begins actually teaching they’ve already had tons of time in a real classroom. I’m not knocking this program. I’m just saying that if mom and dad or a rich husband isn’t supporting you, it’s not a program you can pursue.

So today, I met with an academic planner and talked about changing my major – to psychology. My end goal was always school counseling anyway, so this is just another path to get there. Either way was going to include a journey to a master’s degree. So in the end I still get where I was headed.

When I told my aunt that I was going to study psychology she got all excited and said that now the family could save money on group therapy. She’s not wrong. We could all use a good shrink. Maybe I can someday be that shrink.

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