My Dog is SUCH a Dog

After every walk I make her sit at the end of the driveway so I can take her leash off of her. Normally, as she dashes off across the yard I like to yell “you’re free!” Today though, when I removed her leash, instead of dashing to the tree to leap at the squirrels, she trotted off to the front of the house to smell something, then rolled on the ground as if to say “thank gawd that harness is gone!”

I started hauling in the garbage can and the recycling can, walking them to the back of the driveway. Once they were in place, I  yelled “Inside” and clapped my hands like I always do – a signal that it’s time to come in. Today she didn’t respond though. And she wasn’t sniffing out the usual suspects.

I walked back the front of the house only to find her still rolling gleefully on her back. That’s when the light bulb finally lit up. She’d found a dead animal and was covering herself in its rotting smell. Eew! Eew! Eew! So disgusting.

Turned out it was a dead mouse, courtesy of the neighbor’s cat that hangs around my yard. Thank you very much! So, it was a march by the collar into the house and strait into the bathroom for a quick shower (for the dog) before I had to leave for work.

She’s not fond of the shower, but she loved to be towel dried after the fact.


This is a the face of a dog that just had a bath. Damn dog.



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