New Man In My Life

My old relationship just wasn’t working any more. It wasn’t me- it was him. I went to him one morning when I needed him most and he just wouldn’t turn on. I thought maybe his lines were plugged, so I offered him a vinegar bath, but sadly, there were no signs of life. So I chucked him in the recycling pile.

My old Mr. Coffee was almost 9 years old. I guess I should be pleased he lasted as long as he did. So here is my new “man” – Mr. Coffee in blue!


He matches my kitchen! Well, so did the old one; it was metallic red. But change is a good thing.

I’ve spent the last two weeks living off International Delights Iced Mocha while I debated who my next man would be. I didn’t enter this affair lightly. Originally I went strait back to Target because that was were I got the first Mr. Coffee, but all the models were too spendy and none were in a pretty color that would match. So I turned to the internet. I did a search for “red coffeemaker”.

What I found was an attractive model at Walmart for about $40, but I’m trying to not shop at Walmart. Pick any reason why, but basically I just hate going there. I also found one at Kohls for $50 that was on sale for $40 and the one at Kohls came in blue! I don’t live near a Kohls though. I have to go a bit out of my way to get to one and the last two weeks have been HECTIC! And yes, I meant for that to be in all caps.

Then there was the question of whether I needed another 12 cup coffeemaker. I debated just getting a French press. I’d heard that the coffee taste better from a French press. I also debated a small 5-6 cup coffeemaker. (I can’t remember how many cups the little ones make.) But then I realized, with those two options there wouldn’t be any coffee left over to make iced coffees with in the summer and I needz my iced coffee when it’s hot out. So it had to be a twelve cup maker.

On Saturday I took myself off to the Kohls in the next town over. This Kohls was across the street from a Walmart which made the location convenient. That way, if the coffeemaker wasn’t on sale or if it wasn’t in stock at Kohls, I could check out Walmart. And if Walmart didn’t have what I wanted, I could pick up more International Delights Iced Coffee.

The decorating fates were on my side however. Not only was it still sale, but there was an additional percentage off for a small appliance sale. Ahhhh sweet, sweet coffee. The lengths I’ll go through to be with my man!

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