Yard Work

Well the dog and I haven’t been walking. It’s been very humid and I’ve been wasting my stores of outside energy on things like yard work. I wouldn’t even call it gardening. It’s really all more maintenance. Sunday I trimmed one side of the hedges – by hand. I kept telling myself it was stupid to do it that way. After all, I’d borrowed my aunt’s hedge trimmers for that exact purpose. But every time I’d almost talk myself into it, the other side of my brain would pipe in with “Sure, it’d be faster, but you’ll have to keep bendin’ over to gather all the sticks ya just lopped off. Ya don’t wanna do that to yer back.” The other side of my brain sometimes talks in an accent for no apparent reason. But I agreed with it. Bending over and gathering up the lopped off debris sounded like more work than the gather and chop method I was following. So one line of hedges took me 2 hours. They looked really ratty though. Almost as bad as these ones:


I’ve also got weeds. Weeds, weeds and more weeds. So some days I spend my time pulling/digging weeds. Somedays I fill my 5 yard waste cans with leaves from last year. I swear I will never make the mistake of giving up on collecting leaves in the fall in this yard ever again. “As God is my witness!” she’s says in her best Scarlett O’Hara imperssonation.

As for my actual garden? I have cherry tomatoes planted. They aren’t dying, but they aren’t growing either. That section of yard is getting less sun than it did last year. AND it hasn’t really been hot enough, long enough to encourage much flowering. I mean, I still have wimpy broccoli plants that haven’t wilted and died. At this rate, they might be mature enough to produce broccoli by fall!

Here is “the garden”:

Eventually, there will be 5 of those beds and a brick walkway going from bed to bed. We only buy a few bricks a t a time when we have a little extra spending money, so this project is going to take a few years. The stones for the walls were given to us by a friend that was redoing their their yard. Wasn’t that awesome of her?


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