Dog Walking Cont.

Well, my training skills need work. Shaping, might be a better word.

We loaded up the baggie with a bunch of the homemade treats (which she LOVES) by the way, and clipped on the leash. This time when I stopped, she immediatly came back for the treat, then resumed pulling immediatly. Hmmmmm. Who’s training who here?

So I switched it up and start walking back the way we came. As she caught up with me, I’d turn back around, giving her the treat at my side. Well, she quickly caught onto that trick as well and was still pulling hard by the time we got back home. AND I’d completely used up my treats. Hmmph.

The book is very informative. Everyone should read at least Chapter one because she talks about reinforcers, not just with dogs, but with humans and other animals as well. Very cool information. Here’s a quote from the book that seems to fit my attempt at undersranding all this. “Elen Reese, Ph.D., pointed out to me that the conditioned reinforcer, as it is used by clicker trainers, is also a termination signal. It means ‘Job’s done.’… It is, however, a shock to traditional trainers. It doesn’t seem natural, somehow, that the way to train a dog to hold onto a dumbbell forever is to click it for holding the dumbbell, whereupon it is permitted to drop the dumbbell instantly and eat slices of hot dog.” I guess my mindset is still too much of a traditional bent.


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