Good Morning Sunshine!


Good mornig sunshine! Isn’t that one of those phrases that came make you want to smack a person? Especially if there isn’t any sunshine? We have rain again this morning. It POURED on Saturday. We had small ponds forming in our yard in places and standing water in the rest of it. There were streams of water flowing through our basement and the dehumidifier had to work overtime.

Then yesterday was warm and muggy. You couldn’t be outside for more than 20 minutes before the sweat was dripping off your  head. But last night it cooled off and we went to a neighborhood festival in Chicago. Festival/block party. Our friend Angela said they have them every weekend in the summer all over the city. It was a good time, but I’m paying for it this morning. We went to listen to the band and we stood the whole time. My legs aren’t used to doing that anymore. Walking around would have helped. Should have done more of that. I envy people who don’t have pain in their feet or legs. God I sound old!

I took my camera and practised with the settings in the dark. I’m glad I took my 70-300 lens. Almost didn’t because the thing is so heavy! But I got some really nice shots because I had it with me. It’s my way of “getting closer”. I can do it without being pushy. Trust me, just because you have a camera doesn’t mean people want to let you through the crowd! In fact, standing back, I still had a few people almost run into my lens they walked by so close. Good thing I’ve gotten used to jerking things up and out of the way because of the dog. Okay, that probably sounded bad, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I’ll get some pictures up from last night later.

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