Diet Dissappointment

After such a promising beginning, I’ve basically stopped loosing weight. I’m still following the plan. That part remains pretty easy to stick to. I’ve felt my body changimg hpw it opperates. At first I was thorsty all the time. Genuinpy thirsty, like for the first time my nraim could tell the difference between thirst and hunger. Now, not much. When I want a drink at night, I really don’t want water. Another change is I’m really not that hungry. During my 8 hoirs you’d figure I’d be stuffing myself, but yesterday I had a Chobani bite and a crispy chicken sandwich meal from Burger King and I was very full. And I know I goty allotted calories becausry Spark People tracker told me I actually went over when I added in my coffee.

I will admit readily to cheating a little by having my coffee in the mornings. I have either hot or iced coffee with a 2 -3 tablespoons of Internatoonal Delight creamer per cup. I like the Chocolate Caramel or Heath Bar flavors best! But at only 35 calories per tablespoon, it’s not the worst choice I could be making.It is however probably also to blame for my not being very hungry. But after yesterday I was only down 2/10 of a lb. And considering I’d gone up 2/10 of a lb the Sunday night, it’s not really progress.

I am drinling 8 ounces of water before my coffee
In fact I feel myself getting hungry as I wrote this, but the coffee will reverse that. I’m tryimg to get in a walk with Charlotte in the morning, but I don’t always succeed. Which is really sad because that was a large part of the reason I wanted a dog – I wanted a walking companion.

I’ve got my mom trying the diet too. Did I tell you that? Well she only lost 1.5 lbs in her first week. Her friend Shelly claims to be trying it too and says she hasn’t lost any. I’ve read the book, so even though I kept saying “why does a diet book feel the need to point out any benefits other than ‘you’ll loose weight’, I’ll keep at it for those benefits, even if I’m not loosing weight. After all, at three weeks, I’m only 2 short of forming a habit. Allegedly. ha ha.

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