Self Doubt

I just finished reading a post by Michelle W. from Word Press about tips to break up bloggers block, or more commonly known as writers block. She had some good suggestions like making a list of all the things you don’t think are worthy of being a blog post. She also talked about not being so hard on yourself. This is propably the hardest thing that a lot of artist petsonalities struggle with. We tend to assume, for some unknown reason, that everything we have done so far is either complete crap or ‘not too bad’, but hardley ever is it seen as great by our own eyes.

I have been especially guilty of this. Even though I’ve been blogging for like a decade now, I have changed my blog a half dozen times, moved it twice, and scrapped it once. So yes, the majority of what I wrote is now gone.

What I’m most guilty of is cameleon-ing others that I admire, rather than taking the time to get to know who I might be. I quite simply never liked me enough to stand behind my style, my voice. I always felt the over whelming need to be accepted, yet I never trusted that there was anyone willing to accept me in my purest form. At least not since high school.  I have a hard time believing that anyone could accept the real me. This personality problem is such bullshit. I know that. I really wish I could be like those people that finally figured out in their soul (I already know it in my head) that what other people think of them just isn’t important.

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