The 8 Hour Diet.

So I’ve started a new diet called the 8 hour diet. The idea is to eat normal during any given 8 hour stretch, then fast for a 16 hour stretch to loose weight. This actually makes sense based on what I learned in my health class about sugar spikes, eating, and fat burning. Apparently, according to the article, this is big in the UK. I’m going to give this diet a try.

I read about this diet in Women’s Day. I’m always being sucked in by their miraculous diet claims. Ninety percent of the time I don’t get past the article. Sure they all sound like they would work, but seriously, who can live like that long term? I’m always on the lookout for a lifestyle change I can maintain. This one sounded fine to me because growing up I was never a breakfast eater anyway. I’ve had to force myself to learn to eat breakfast since it’s “the most important meal of the day because it wakes up your metabilism”. See, that one sounds logigcal too. Hmmmm….

I’ve been on this diet two days now. This first was Sunday and I didn’t know I was starting it. I’d told Tony (my better half) about it on Saturday and he’d said it sounded interesting, that he’d try it with me. We’re both starting classes again soon and getting together in the evenings for a meal was about to get 10 times harder. So Sunday we went out for a hearty breakfast at Bob Evans before taking on power washing our deck. When we got done at 1:30 we started talking lunch. That was when he said “since we’re starting that diet today, when do you want to eat?”


I was like, “oh, we’re starting the diet today?” His reply was essentially “why not?” So we had Chinese at 3:30 and I had only water for the rest of the evening. Honestly, I wasn’t hungry. I was just bored and really regetting I couldn’t have desert. Yeah, because sweets late at night are always a good idea, she said sarcastically.

Then yesterday, Memorial Day, we were up at 6:30 am. Me to let the dog out, him because my alarm went off. For the best though since we we needed to get an early start on staining the deck. So we took ourselves to Sherwin Williams, picked out a semi transparent red, a new brush and a roller cover. I had made myself an iced coffee before we went even though my 16 hours weren’t up yet, but I mean, come on! It’s coffee. How do any of these diets expect me to function without my coffee?!? So anyway, when we got home it was about 7:30 and I prepared breakfast. We had low sodium canned corned beef hash and eggs with sourdough toast (a personal favorite of ours!) and then got busy staining. I know personally I had 2 cans of lemonaid and a root beer before we ate lunch, which didn’t happen until about four.

We ended up throwing together an impromtu BBQ. His mom came by with potato and bean sald and we grilled a couple brawts. I had contributed macaroni salad (from the store), grapes, Smirnoff coolers  and a french silk pie. I had the 1/12 of a pie size slice at 5 pm, but nothing more for the rest of the night. All this to say, yesterday we didn’t quite stay inside the 8 hours.

Tony has found himself starving about 9pm both nights so he had a bowl of cereal. I’ll have to check in with him this morning, but honestly, in two days, I’ve lost a pound already. That could be normal fluctuation due to the moon and the tides, but I’m choosing to believe in the diet/lifestyle change for now. I’ll let you know if Tony still manages to loose weight having a bowl of cereal to see him through till morning.


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