You’re Nobody Unless You Have a Pointy, Glowing Stick

I’ve always been a naturally curious person as well as being a little geeky. The first time I saw Star Wars (Episodes 4, 5 and 6) I was instantly in love and I have very strong opinions about Episodes 1, 2 and 3 that you do not want to hear me go on about. I have read the Harry Potter series seven times and seen every movie (some of which I again have very strong opinions on). I’m married to a gamer who used to work in a hobby shop that sold Dungeon and Dragons, comic books and other games. I used to take him dinner after work and would stand around talking to all the other gamers who came to hang out at the store. You learn things from other geeks. Sometimes they’re thing you really didn’t want to learn. And because of my husband I saw all the Lord of the Rings movies (though I haven’t read the books so no strong opinions beyond love of the movies.)

Now, my latest addiction to nerdiness is Doctor Who. You can thank a couple of the students/friends who hang out at the Photo ID office. They pushed me to give the Doctor a try and I (again) fell completely in love. I’ve seen all the new ones up to the end of Season 6 (2011) and I thought I’d watch the Classic Doctor Who since Netflix claimed to have it. They lied. I’m pretty pissed at Netflix that the Classic Doctor Who collection is incomplete (majorunderstatement).

Well anyway, I was on Amazon poking around to try and find the classic episodes and ran across this –

Sonic Screwdriver

Pretty awesome! It’s a UV pen with a UV light so you can write invisible messages! Wow. I just regressed to being 10 there for a moment. Gulp. I realized something while ogling this fun little toy though. Are you ready? This is going to blow your mind…

You’re no one without a pointy, glowing stick.

Okay, a little anti-climactic since that’s the name of this post but here’s the thing – all the greats have pointy, glowing sticks! The Doctor has the sonic screwdriver.

Dr Who

Harry Potter has his wand.

Harry PotterLuke Skywalker has his light saber.

Star WarsAnd Gandalf has his staff.

Lord of the Rings

Where would any of these characters be without their weapons? Dead. That’s where. But it’s more than that really. They are easily among the top most recognizable characters. Well, maybe not the Doctor for the mainstream America, but they’ve certainly heard of the other three.

Time magazine threw out a survey of the most memorable fictional characters. Their first contender was Robin Hood. While his object didn’t glow he did possess a pointy object – his arrows. As does a more modern character that is making quite a name for herself, Katniss Everdeen. In the pointy object, non-glowing category, I also give you the sword or rapier from with King Arthur or The Three Musketeers (there’s quite a bit of irony there – musketeers known for their sword play?). But the most famous character of all time with a pointy glowing object? The number one, everyone has heard of her person? The Fairy Godmother.

disney-movie-fairy-godmother Flora-Fauna-and-Merryweather-sleeping-beauty-6461478-360-360 tinkerbell-2So there you have it. You’re no one without a pointy, glowing object. Good thing I already have my Luna Lovegood wand!

(All images borrowed from Google images to make my point! And I know that Tinkerbelle wasn’t a godmother, but she’s Disney’s most famous fairy, so deal with it.)

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