My sister in law was just in Washington last week with a couple of her friends for a marathon and she was showing me pictures at Easter dinner of their Trip. One picture was of a Bridge Troll.



They had gone to see the bridge troll in Seattle, WA for a couple of reasons. One, my SIL has an insane fear of bridges. Her good friends decided that a friendly troll would prove she has nothing to fear. Her response was “How is a giant squashing a VW Bug supposed to make me feel better, exactly?” But the second reason is because her one friend has this fun app that shows you where great American roadside attractions can be found. Its from Roadside America’s website. I was sad to find out that they don’t offer an app for the Android. That aside however, it got me to thinking. I have a few pictures of roadside attractions I’ve collected in the past. Here’s one of them. The Cookin’ From Scratch Chicken that lives in the back of an El Camino along Highway 44 in Missouri.

ImageAnyways, my thought was, I should start hunting down these wonderful pieces of Americana. I will take pictures of them and create a collection! I will most likely share them with you here.



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