Disecting Myself Via Buzzfeed

So BuzzFeed quizzes are constantly popping up on my Facebook feed. Maybe my friends are all a bunch of dorks, but seriously, some of these things are pretty funny.

There was one though that I didn’t take kindly to. The quiz was “What state do you belong in” and I kept getting Wisconsin. Nothing against Wisconsin, but of the 50 states I would choose to live in? Wisconsin isn’t on the list. I’ve only been to Wisconsin like 3 times. I grew up in the southwest, I now live in Illinois. That’s it. Arizona and Illinois. I have a soft spot for the South, so it wouldn’t have surprised me if I got a southern state. I adore California and all it’s personalities, so that would have been cool too. My family heritage is New England. But Illinois is about as Midwest as a I get. I’d choose Michigan over Wisconsin and they’re probably equally as cold.

So, what do you do when you don’t like the results of an online quiz? You take it again. Wisconsin. And again – purposely picking your second choice answers. Wisconsin AGAIN! I was beginning to think the quiz was broke, so I made my coworker take it. New York. Okay, not broke. I took it again, answering completely randomly this time and finally got something else. Oregon. I’d love to visit Oregon! Great! One problem, I’m not artistically funky and quirky and everything else the quiz claimed. Honestly don’t remember what the Wisconsin personality was because I was so ticked I didn’t even bother to read it. So, one last time, I decide to take this stupid quiz. I practically have the questions memorized by now. But this time, I’m dissecting them. “Which TV show appeals the most to you?” Well, I’ve only ever four of the nine choices, so I stared pulling up synopsis of shows I’ve never watched. One of them really jumped out at me as interesting and something I’ll definitely check out on Netflix, so I picked it. “Which animal best represents you?” I thought about the traits of the animal this time before I choose. Again, I ended up with something I wouldn’t have naturally picked if I were just answering the questions without thinking through what they are actually asking. “Pick a musician.” I actually pulled up You Tube and listened to artist I’d never heard before to see if I recognized any of their styles and even musicians I had heard of to see if I actually liked their music. Turns out this one was correct the first three times. If you haven’t heard of an artist, there’s probably a reason for it. Never realized that before. In the end I got Washington. Not only am I happy with this assessment, but the personality read out actually fits me too.

It wasn’t until I spent so much time researching stupid quiz questions that I realized that I may not be acknowledging who I am on the surface. Or let me reword that – I’m trying to hard to be someone I think I want to be. Ever have that problem?


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