The Diet

Tony and I started a new diet last Tuesday. We have both been told by people other than our doctors (mostly family – we love you guys too) that we need to loose weight. Now that we’ve set off upon this endeavor, no one has been at all encouraging about it.

I’m finding that there’s something about the words “I’m going on a diet” that causes the individual your telling a most compelling need to say something discouraging, or at the very least, snarky. I’ve heard countless failure stories, weight regain stories and downright critisisms from most. When I told someone I’d already lost five pounds I heard “well that’s not unusual for that kind of diet”. And she was right, but frankly, I believe a “Good for you!” should have prefaced that statement.

What is it about us humans that keeps us from genuinely wanting others to succeed – at ANYTHING?

The older I get the more I’m convinced that mankind is not nice! We are all selfish, greedy, hurtful beings. And no, we really don’t care about the plight of others unless it’s directly affecting us personally.

Oh sure, there’s one or two genuinly decent humans out there. Mother Theresa for example. And I’m not saying that humans are capable or more; we just don’t bother to put the effort out there. Let’s face the facts, being nice might cost us something.

So, in light of that, let me be the first to say, that if I’ve ever said something mean and discouraging to one of you (and I know I have, though the details are lost to time) I am very, very sorry. You deserved better. We all do. And I promise to try harder in the future.

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