Presidential Speeches and…

I know no one reads my blog, but I have to say this anyway. There are a lot of batsh*t stupid people out there. “Oh, I’m going to keep my child home from school because the President of the United States is going to speak to them on Tuesday. I don’t want my child hearing ANYTHING the leader of the free world might have to say.” I hope you got the sarcasm in the quotes.

You don’t have to agree with his politics, but you should damn well respect the office he represents. If it was any other president in the history of this country, including Nixon or Kennedy or Lincoln (all hated by the opposing parties), you’d have been honored, even if you didn’t vote for them, to have the man that represents the office speak to your children.

And as for “keeping politics out of the classroom” you’d better start home schooling. The classroom is where kids first learn politics. It’s called Civics class at some schools and Government class in others and it’s where the next generation is hopefully absorbing enough information to know why we’re a free country and why we should vote and why when we don’t get our way, we wait four years, then get out and vote again. Then again, maybe, as the department of education originally wanted the president to say, we need a reform in school because the adults out there right now don’t seem to know all those “why’s”. Rather, it feels like we have a country of lemmings who don’t know how to make up their own minds, but follow whatever unsubstantiated emails get sent to them that prick an emotional spark. It’s called – USE IT!

As for all you wack jobs out there that hate President Obama and keep claiming it’s because he might be Muslim or because he’s a socialist, fascist, insert _____ist, first, look up the actual definition to the name your calling someone before you call them that. I learned that in 11th grade when I called a boy a name I’d heard, but didn’t know the actual definition of. Let me tell you, you all should be as embarrassed as I was on that day.

Secondly, why don’t you just admit the fact that you’re calling him all these names is because he’s black and your a racist. Oh, that’s right because it’s not politically correct, so you’re going to hide behind all these other names instead. Well guess what? Those aren’t politically correct either. Being Muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist just like being Catholic doesn’t make you a bad person. Wow, what’s with the remark about the catholics? If you’ll read your history books, a lot of people didn’t want JFK elected because he was Catholic. But he’s not the only president of note who wasn’t a Protestant. Thomas Jefferson believed in Deism. In case you’ve all forgotten, this is still a country where you’re allowed to worship anyway you choose. That includes the President.

So why don’t you all examine your own hearts and ask yourselfs why you’re really screaming so loudly. I don’t think any of the reasons that you’re telling the world are the reasons you actually believe. I think it’s because deep down your just a small minded person who’s mad because they didn’t get their way.

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