Jobs Away!

Sort of like “Bombs away!” ’cause I’m throwing my resume at everything that moves!

My company officially downsized again, and this time I was caught in the net, like a Tuna that’s swum free too long. I’m an old Tuna. The kind that taste really Tuna-y. OK. enough Tuna metaphors.

I applied for unemployment yesterday when I got home. On the way home I applied at Barnes and Noble. This morning I’ve put my resume in at three places. The last one is the only one I’m even remotely interested in and the deadline was technically yesterday. When I called my boss to ask for a letter of recommendation though, she told our big boss where I was applying and he said he knew some people and would be happy to put in a good word for me. Which is amazing. I didn’t even know he liked me.

I’m constantly shy around top bosses that I don’t work with directly. I’m leery of them. Don’t really know why, but there it is. Fear of authority figures or something. I really need to stop seeing this as a “they don’t like me thing” and acknowledge it for what it is – I’m creating weirdness between us.

Which will all be part of the growing process I’m in for. I’ve lived in my uncomfortable little comfort zone for too long. The chapter has officially ended and I’m moving on. Might as well mature while I’m at it.


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