Old Blog/New Blog

I’ve started a new blog about gardening. It will be all about my adventures in the garden and my experiments gone awry – of which there have been plenty. I’ll also share pictures of my plants, both good and bad. I hope you’ll come visit me at my new sight http://GardenGirl31.BlogSpot.com

You should also check out some of the links on my page – they’re content related and full of really good information.

Don’t wory, I’ll still be posting my usual whining and complaining about life over her on Domino Blogs. We’ve all got to have an outlet somewhere – haha. This will also be the sight for other, less depressing, goings on in my life, like the New Beginning Shih Tzu Rescue. You can see more pictures of the dogs and the events at http://FatCatPhotos.shutterfly.com

Geez, I really need to get some links set up on the sidebar! Anyays, hope to see you over at Garden Girl! And please, don’t be shy. I’d love to hear your input.

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