More from Newspaper Land

So our ad count it down. Way down. We’ve been practically fighting each other for ads every time a new one gets put in the box. We’ve down stuff up through August. The only thing about working this far ahead is that I’m going to have to “redrop” them come August because they will have been cleaned out of the system. Don’t get me wrong. The created ad will still be there, but I’ll have to send it through the system again. The reason for this is that the server is too small to hold things in an active mode for more than 2 weeks.

But what really shows that our ad count is down, more than the despratley bored artists is the fact that classifieds keeps giving sports extra pages. Yesterday it was one. Today it was two. Even sports runs out of extra stories after awhile, so we’ll run the singles ad again. 
The reason classifieds giving up pages is significant is because they estimate their page space based on the same day last week. That means we’re not running as many ads as last week. Understanble to a point, but 2!!! pages!!! 
I continue to search the web for a new job. I saw a promising one in Vegas. I’m less leary about applying out of state than I was at the time of my last blog. I’ve gotten over being freaked about picking my and Tony’s lives up and moving us to another part of the country. I think he gets less freaked about it all the time too. 
Staying here only makes sense for his military school benefits. Apparently he has to go to school in the state he enlisted in if they’re to be expected to pay for it. 
I know, I know. At least we both still have jobs. For now. 
I was talking with a co-worker today and she thinks they’ll cut the number of days we publish as the next resort. We’re also slated to change the format of the paper from a broadsheet to a tab size. The ironic thing about all these measure we’re taking to save our own skin is that no matter what we do, we’re sure to tick off the advertisers. This business seems like a no win place to be.

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