Garage Sale Extravaganza!!!

Well, Lacy’s Garage Sale Benefit is this weekend. I got to see her today for the first time since I turner her over to New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue. She recognized me and seemed happy to see me.

She’s currently in a happy foster home situation where there are a total of 4 dogs, but she’s getting on with them all great and her foster parents couldn’t be kinder or more loving of dogs. Her back leg has gotten a lot worse than it was though. I went to pick her up and she screamed when I toucher her back leg. I felt so bad. She laid on her side in that way animals do when they know something bad is coming. Obviously I didn’t pick her up. I apologized profusely and just kept petting her on the head until she realized I wasn’t going to touch her back leg again.

And later when it was time for the other dogs to take their walks, she sat at the door and cried. I got down on the floor next to her, and I think she appreciated the gester, but I could tell she was still sad that she didn’t get to go. Obviously, going for walks is a no-no with a bad leg.

So the reason I was over at Lacy’s foster home today was to help get ready for the garage sale that starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. There will not only be items for sale, but there will be some great baskets for auction as well and a hot dog cook out and a bake sale. All proceeds to go to Lacy’s surgery.

Thanks to everyone who donated so far. We’ve raised $215 but we still have a long way to go. So if your in Channahon, IL this weekend, make sure you stop by the Dog Rescue Garage Sale on Old Kerry Rd.

If you still want to donate to help save this little dogs leg (because if they don’t get the money for this surgery, it will have to come off) and you won’t be able to make the Garage Sale Extravaganza, you can donate by clicking below. Thanks.


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