Baking and Hatching

So while everybody and their brother have been baking buns in their ovens, I’m happy to say I have successfully hatched (?) some pods of my own. My plants. No babies here. 

I’ve been growing seeds all over my house this sprin
g in an attempt to  rush spring and get some color into my life again. I swear if I see one more snowy day, I’m going to hurt someone. And I’m not real particular at the moment who it is. Ha, ha. 
Seriously though, I’ve been sprouting plants left and right and it makes me feel like “garderner extrordinaire”. Then again, we’ll see if I actually remember to water them after I’ve moved them outside. Which I will have to soon because the cats are convinced I’m growing them snacks. My poor spinach plant has had three of it’s leaves chewed off even after I moved it to a safer (if less warm and sunny) spot.

These are the plants in my front hall that I’m trying to protect from the cats!
Today my lobella have sprouted. They are so tiny they look like green fuzz on top of the dirt. I’m so proud!
Lobellas are tiny purple flowers that kind of vine, though I had no idea of that when I purchased them. I’m still new to this whole gardening thing and I often forget to read all the details of what I’m planting! I’m tryig to get better though. I’m keeping a garden journal so as to try and avoid the mistakes I’ve made this year, next year. 
This is a Lobelia Flower. I’m guessing this is what mine will look like, though, there are tons of varieties, so anything is possible.

Happy Spring!

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