Cat Bath

Despite advice to the contrary, we bathed our cat last night. We had to. He was filthy after spending the afternoon rolling in the dirt. Our once white cat was solidly and disgustingly gray. And he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed on the couch or the bed. I kept telling him “you’re gross!” but he didn’t seem to understand.

So after much debating, I decided it had to be done, and my darling husband actually agreed to help me. First you have to realize, our tub doesn’t hold water. The stopper has never worked and there is a built in gunk catcher that won’t allow you to use a rubber stop, or a flat stop or anything. Believe me, I’ve tried it all. So with that in mind, I went into the bathroom, and pulled the shower curtain as far open as it would go. I set the shampoo, lid open, and the plastic cup on my right, I set two towels on the left and I pre-warmed the water. Then I called my husband to bring the cat. He came walking into the bathroom cooing to our 23 lb. monster about what a good cat he was. “Shut the door, shut the door” I said nervously. Tony kicked the door shut with his foot, continuing to coo to the cat who was still clueless. It wasn’t until he started to lower him into the tub that he tensed. All four paws stretched to their full extent, but it wasn’t enough to keep from dropping him in. Tony grabbed his color and I poured water over him. I barely penetrated his disgusting fur. He sat there balefully looking at both of us, unsure what to do. I quickly poured three more cups over him and squirted on the shampoo. I dropped both the cup and the shampoo and rubbed vigorously. It didn’t make a dent in the dirt, but the cat had caught on what was happening and the struggle began. It wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought it would be and we actually managed to get a solid four scrubbings in and then a thorough rinse. You should have seen the water though. GROSS! I turned off the water and grabbed a towel. Tony guided his frantic attempt to escape into the waiting towel. The first towel came away with more of the dirt we’d missed. The second towel was employed to do a quick body rub and a ring out of the tail. Then he shot from our grasp and cowered by the closed door. In pity we opened it and he was gone. He’d run into the living room and had started the long process of “licking himself dry”. I tried to go towel him off some more once, but he saw me and the towel and quickly went the other way, leaving me to duck walk behind him trying to catch him with the towel. I soon gave up, laughing too hard. Yes, we laughed at our poor wet baby (picture to come). And then we laughed some more. Eddie, who’d been smart enough NOT to roll in the dirt, kept sniffing him as if to say “what did they DO to you?”

Amazingly enough before the night was over, he came back to us and not only allowed us to pet him, but to bring him up on the couch and love on him. And let me tell you, he fur was so soft and he smelled so good, I won’t hesitate to do that to him again! Though I don’t expect as much cooperation next time, and I’m not sure I’m willing to try it with Eddie at all. 🙂

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