Kitty in a bed

(This is Eddie)

So everytime I make the bed, my cat Eddie and I play a game called Kitty in the bed. Eddie invented this game when he was a kitten and he still loves to play it.

The way the game goes is this: I strip all the blankets off the bed, Eddie jumps on bed. I put a blanket on the bed over Eddie, proceeding with making it. Now, the decision is his weather to squirm out from under this first blanket or proceed with the next one. Then I put down the next blanket. If he’s squirmed out from under the first blanket, he’ll jump back on the bed to be covered by the next blanket and so on.

I keep four blankets on my bed in the winter. This morning Eddie was choosing to reapply himself to the top of each new blanket. By the time I’d covered him with the last blanket he was purring. I could hear it through the blankets. And he continued to purr while I put the pillows and throw on, then he finally squirmed out. It cracked me up that he was so happy to be getting covered with large blankets. Had I attempted that on the couch, I’d have gotten a dirty look.

Yes, yes, I know that he was happy because he knows we were playing a game. That’s what tickled me so much.

His brother, Sammy, has tried playing this game as well, but I don’t think Eddie explained the rules very well to him because he’ll jump on the bed and allow himself to be covered with all for blankets and then continue to lay there while I put the pillows and throw on, turn out the light and leave the room. I once came back 10 minutes later and he was still there. At that point I decided his reasoning skills were lacking and I pulled back all the blankets so he could make his escape. Needless to say, he doesn’t try this game very often. Obviously there is very little enjoyment in it for him.
(This is Sammy)

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