Get Real

People never stop amazing me. They amaze me with their audacity and they amaze me with their memory, or lack there of. 

What is amazing me currently is people who need something from you. They don’t like you, they’ve made it abundantly clear they have no use for you, then they need something that you specialize in, and suddenly they’re as sweet as can be. They talk to you about the project like you’re best buds and you discuss this kind of thing in these friendly tones all the time. Do they really believe that you don’t remember them being rude to you just 2 days before? That you wouldn’t care that they had snubbed you or treated you badly? Come on! 
I am not a vindictive person, so I won’t ruin someone’s project just because they are a jerk. Personally, I take too much pride in my work. But just because I’m doing a project for you doesn’t mean I suddenly want to be your friend. I already know that you and I are not friend material, so stop kissing my ass. I’m still going to do the damn project and I’m still going to do the best job I’m capable of, but I’m not going to forget that you don’t like me because I know as soon as you get what you want from me, you’re going to go back to not liking me. Lets both be adults about this and admit the truth.

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