I was riding on a high last night that I haven’t felt for some time. I was in the creative zone. Okay, zone maybe an overstatement, but my creative juices were actually flowing and I wasn’t obsessing that what I’d done actually sucked. In fact, I didn’t care if it did suck. I was happy with it.

One of our sales reps had asked for a spec ad (3 spec ads technically) of a logo for a obstentrics and gynacology office. That was it. There was no more information. Just that. I didn’t get the ad, Kristy, a co-worker did. We were the only 2 left for the day and she wanted a second oppinion about whether to return it to the sales rep demanding more info.

We decided she had every right to do so, but of course the artists in us couldn’t turn away from the challenge. We did a web search for obstentrics. We found many other company’s (copyrighted) logos. At least we had a direction. We searched our graphics gallery. A sillouhette of a pregnant woman caught my attention and I said, you could alway take that, incorporate the universal medical logo and then put Obstentrics and Gynecology circling the graphic and give it back to him. (Okay, we were still a little peeved, even if we were feeling the challenge.) Kristy pointed out that leaving out the name of the office was a gross oversight since so many logos are derived from the name of a company.

I had to return to my desk to do my own work, but what she said got me thinking again. All we had were those two words. A description, not even a name, but my juices started flowing. I used to play with letters in Graphic Design I all the time trying to make logos out of the random letters I would pick. I actually have 4 of my best sitting on my desk for inspiration.

What is Obstetrics & Gynecology?

I drew an o with a b overlapping it with a g overlapping both. I ran back to Kristy’s desk laughing my head off. “Here” I said showing her the paper. I covered the leg of the b and the leg of the g “0” uncovered the leg of the b “b” and removed my other hand “g. There’s a logo for him!” I was laughing my head off now at the stupidity of it. Kristy was laughing too.

I returned to my desk again and my ad still hadn’t processed. I wrote “bstetrics” in side the O on my pad I’d just shown and then “ynecology” on the outside of the “o”. This was beginning to feel like something so I opened a fresh page in In-Design. I made my o, my b and then I had to find a different font for the g. I wanted a traditional “g”. Then I had to stretch it to get it to fit. I blew the whole thing up to about 250 pt and put the word “obstetrics” in the “O” again the “&” outside the “O” and the word gynecology running vertical down the “g“. I totally loved it. I sent it to Kristy and left for the day (the rest of stuff had finally jumped).

It was such a simple thing, but I felt high from it. I knew it was a good design and I was totally grooving on it. I went to stamp class and felt ready to take on the world. I came home and Tony was watching “Drum Line”. I was totally unimpressed by them. I used to be impressed by them. I wasn’t. Not that I could do that, but it felt fake somehow. Don’t know what any of that means. But this morning I can still feel it coursing through my veins. I feel creative. But more importantly, I feel confident.

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