No Inspiration Thursday

I am aghast! I am … agog. I am annoyed. I was relying on InspireMeThursday to do exactly that. Inspire me dammit. And is today not Thursday? I’ve been having trouble keeping track of the days, but I’ve been assured by at least 2 people that yes, today is Thursday. All day apparently. And yet, my inspiration remains unchanged. I am still challenged by last weeks inspiration – Soup. I’m not really all that inspired by soup at the moment. Though I should really work on that harder. Maybe that’s why there is no new inspiration today. I failed to be inspired last week so we won’t be moving forward until some inspiration comes.

Okay, it’s probably not just me. I’m sure that it’s just a case of the web site not remembering to update. But still. It feels personal. Grrrr. Especially since I am so desperately uninspired right now. I can not even get the dishes in the kitchen sink to inspire me (or shame me for that matter) into doing them despite the fact that there are hardly any dishes left in the cupboards
InspireMeThursday is usually only a one word inspiration anyway. I can this. I’m going to find a dictionary, randomly flip a page and find my own inspiration. Or if I fail to do that, I’ll go back to working on soup. Perhaps I should be inspired to MAKE some soup. That’s not a bad idea. Mmmmmm. Soup.

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