Why is it that every January is crap. No, I’m serious. Every January for as long as I can remember (which admittedly not as far back as it once was) is crap. 

Here’s the scenerio. You celebrate Christmas. Yeah, gifts, family, food. Okay, so you didn’t get exactly what you wanted, but something good most likely happened to make up for it (after all, it’s Christmas and we all realize our expectations are too high to begin with). Then it’s on to New Years. Maybe you partied your but off and got wonderfully drunk. Maybe you watch the ball drop in Times Square on television. Maybe you went to bed. Either way, you probably had January 1st off work and even if you didn’t  you have huge plans for a fresh start. After all, someone set the proverbial clock back to zero and mentally this is a great opportunity to start fresh on something. But here’s the thing. Your life forgot to read the script. The things that you put on hold before Christmas are still there waiting to bite you in the ass. So as your attempting to make a fresh start of it, you’re being followed by the ugly crap you accumulated last year. This is January-ness. It’s the clusterfuck of crap that comes home to roost in January. 
For us this year, it’s Tony’s truck. It’s been attempting to die since before Thanksgiving. We’ve been trying to convince it there are still years left under it’s 18 year old hood. The truck is winning. We had the starter cable replaced only to be told there is so much rust on the back axle that it will probably just fall off eventually. So not that the starter cable is replaced, the temp has dropped to -20 overnight. So truck says screw your new starter cable and your Heat. I’m still not starting and I’m taking the battery with me. Truck is cranky like most old men are. So, while we’re convinced that truck will once again work once the temp is above 10 degrees F, we now also have knowledge that truck is rolling deathtrap. Poor truck. 
I’m not all depressed by this happening at the beginning of the year this year though. I was expecting it. I knew it was coming.  You know what else is coming? The let down that is Groundhogs day. I’m telling you this for your own good. When that overweight rodent sticks his head out of the ground, whether he sees his shadow or not, it will continue to be winter through the rest of February AND March and most likely into the April. There. No crushing dissappointment when winter doesn’t stop doing it’s thing 6 weeks after grounhog day. 
And yes, I am bitter that it’s been warmer in Alaska this week than it’s been here.

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