It’s the beginning of December, so of course I’m sick. Have been since the Friday after Thanksgiving infact. That means I’m now on day 9 and I’m really bored with this whole process. On the bright side though, I found out I’m allergic to Amoxocillan. Not hugely allergic, just enough to be annoying. My docotor, or rather one of her associates, put both Tony and me on 500 mg 3 times a day. I say both of us, because like a couple truely in love, we can’t do anything alone, especially get sick! So anyways, 500 mg. 3 x a day. Tuesday, took one when I got home from Dr. Took second at bed time. Had muscle cramps that kept me up most of the night. Yeah, now I’m sleep deprived on top of being conjested with a really really sore throat. Wednesday (had to go back to work after 2 days off) took one with breakfast. Yeah feeling somewhat better even though I still sound like a serious smoker. Took second at lunch. Had muscle cramps for the rest of the afternoon. Little light bulb goes off inside my head. This is obviously TOO much Amoxocillan. Didn’t take third pill. Now it’s Thursday. I take one pill. That’s all I’m planning on taking that day. Get to work. About 2 p.m. when I go to the rest room, I look in mirror while washing hands and realize I have severly bloodshot eyes. That’s just lovely. Everyone continues to tell me I look like hell. Thanks. Friday, don’t take anything, but both eyes are still seriously pink. I brew some tea and place one hot teabag on each eye. I leave it there until they cool. Anxiously look in the mirrow. Nope, still looks like I’ve been partying way too hard. Go to work, call Dr. I recount what I’ve been up to and they tell me they need to see me that day. So I say, what’s the latest I can come in? Not too late she says, but you can come at 3. Okay. Fine. I clear everything with my boss and my backup. As Friday progresses, I’m noticing the pink is becoming less obvious. By 2:15 I it’s barely noticable. I call and tell them pink eye is almost gone. Do I still have to come in? They say “Not if your feeling better.” So I stay at work instead. Please note how there was no warning not to take anymore Amoxicillan. Good thing I’m smart enough to figure that one out on my own. Unfortunetly though, now it’s Sunday, and I’m still congested and I still have a sore-ish (though not as bad) sore throat. I’m not going back to the Dr. I’m pretty sure at this point I would be told, it just has to run it’s course. I hate winter.


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