Halloween Mistakes

So, despite the fact that I am 30, I’m pretty much a newbie to handing out candy on Halloween. I’ve lived my entire “away from my parents” life in apartments. And until last year, I worked 2nd shift. This isn’t condusive to handing out candy. I wasn’t really planning on it again this year, however, when I got out of work, the temperture was in the 60’s. I couldn’t believe it. Halloween is never that warm in Illinois. I immediatly wanted to go home and sit in my little back yard and light a fire. I stopped at Walgreens and picked up a big bag of candy and proceeded home. I poured the candy in a bag, I popped open my Arizona Ice Tea.
This is my tiny backyard.
This is the view from my tiny backyard.

I was just adding wood to the little outdoor fire pit when I heard “Trick or Treat!” behind me. “Happy Halloween, there’s the candy, grab a handfull.” And they did. Three handfulls and my candy bowl was empty. I guess I should have said take a couple of pieces. So, I picked up my bowl and my ice tea, turned off the porch light and headed inside. I decided to hide upstairs for the rest of the evening. I shut all the blinds, left only one small lamp on and headed upstairs to read my book next to an open window so I could still enjoy the fresh evening air.

In general though, I was more annoyed at the little brats for ruining my plans to take advantage of the weather. There was no way I could sit out now on Halloween night without candy. That was just asking for trouble.

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