Cubs Fans, No Rally

I saw a travesty on TV last night, and I’m actually NOT referring to the Cubs loosing 10 to 3 to the Dodgers. I referring to thousands of people loosing their faith.

I know most of you either aren’t Cubs fans or not baseball fans, so I’ll explain a little about them. Cubs fans are (usually) THE baseball fans. They’re out in all weather, they’re out in all seasons, both winning and loosing. The stands never go empty like they often do in Florida irregaurdless of the teams record. And even on the road you won’t be surprised to find a quarter of the stadium sold out to travelling or displaced Cubs fans. In fact, when my sister-in-law went to Boston to see a game she was told by a Red Sox fan (the only other fans who understand the passion, hell they even made a movie about it!) that Cub’s fans where “wicked hard core”!

On top of this fanatical devotion, the Cubs haven’t gone all the way in 100 years. Not since 1908 has the team made it to the world series. So, it’s understandable that every time they make it into the post season, everyone’s hopes fly off the charts. That is NOT an excuse for why after the fifth inning the entire ballpark seemed to collectively loose their faith!

Sure, the Dodgers scored 6 runs and we hadn’t. And sure the outfield was fumbling the ball in the second innining like a bunch of little leagers, but we’ve pulled out of worse senerios than this! And I firmly believe we could have fought our way back again last night if the entire stadium hadn’t been acting like they were at a damn funeral! The additude was depressing. The faces were glum. The faith, was gone. Hardly anyone was cheering on the team, the rally caps (baseball caps turned inside out) were conspiculously missing. At any other baseball game, this is to be expected, but not a Cubs game. Not at a park where the fans always stay till the bitter end. And in my opinion, the team felt it. The pressure issuing from the stands had to be overwhelming. Where were the words of encouragement,? Where were the cheers for favorite players? Where was the faith that the team could come back in the 6th,7th, 8th or the 9th? There was no faith, there was only dissapproval, fear and pressure radiating from the stands. Cubs players are not used to that kind of negativity. All season we’ve been cheering them on and suddenly we’re turning the tables on them. What that must do to a person psycologically! You think they didn’t understand what was riding on the game? They’re more aware of it than the fans are! This is their jobs! They didn’t need your prayers last night, they needed you faith and you failed them!

So when you look back on this game, blame the fans. They’re the reason the Cubs lost this game. Maybe we can all do better when their on the road!


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