The Dryer

A character study:

The beast sat hulking in the corner, glaring with it’s one beady eye, and it’s gaping black hole of a mouth.

It was about three feet tall and three feet wide and from the rear resembled nothing more than an ordinary box.

But from the front, so obvious was it’s ferocity, you’d be foolish to underestimate it.

The Beast bore large rounded teeth that could be seen if one were brave enough to get close and peer into the chasms that was it’s mouth.

When the beast was in a bad mood it grumbled and growled in an intimidating fashion, opening it mouth and expelling hot air. This was usually followed by a coughing fit that would expel copious amounts of white sticky phlegm.

Many mistook this act as ferocity. In truth, the beast had not a vicious bone in it’s body. It’s was a design flaw by it’s maker. Society had turned it cranky. The only way the beast knew how to respond was to grumble and growl. As for the phlegm, was it the beasts fault it was an asmatic?


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