Next please…

I’ve often thought, that if money were no object, the career I would pursue would be that of a professional temp worker.

I think that moving from job to job every few weeks would be the best thing for me because I’m pretty sure I have job ADD.

I’m only challenged by a job while I’m learning it. Once I have the ropes, I quickly become dissenchanted with it, bored, restless. In my minds eye I see the years stretching out before me with no change to the routine and mental lethargy setting in. *Sigh.*

In reality, most jobs are ever changing and my outlook is completely skewed, but I’m a short term outlooker and the future is too distant. I want immediate realease from my prison and a fresh challenge set in front of me.

Ahhh, but alas, money is ever an object and I am bound by the chains of my own making to the world in which I find myself. And so, I must accept my “chosen” career and soldier on.

Tune in next week when I face new challanges in the work place that I didn’t forsee and I suddenly develop work related tourettes syndrome.

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