Missouri & Back

It seems as though April has been vacation month. The hubby and I have also “gone a -traveling”.

Two weekends ago, we journeyed to Clever Missoui for a whirlwind trip to return my dad’s truck to him. (This is the vehicle I’d been using after my accident. But now that I have wheels of my own – again – the truck was returned .)
So we left out on a windy Friday morning, me in my new car and Tony in dad’s truck, with a pair of walkie talkies between us. The trip took 9 1/2 hours. NINE AND A HALF HOURS!!! This is a full hour longer than it usually takes to make the trip. Stupid wind. Stupid not accurate spedometer. Stupid not working cruise control. Stupid gas hogging truck. Can you tell I’m glad to be rid of it?
Anyways, we saw all of the usual friendly sites on the trip. There ‘s always “Shirly No Services.” Then, the Arch. Then there is the “Hot” and “Cold” water towers in one town. Past Rolla there are the herds of free range trailors. (These are acres of boat trailers all lined up with no boats on them.) Further down the road there was the Cookin’s from Scratch gas station and restaurant.
Yes, that is a gigantic rooster on top of an El Camino. As many times as I’ve made this trip, this is the first time I’ve ever stopped to get a closer look at the Chicken. It was truely thrilling.
While visiting with my parents, my hubby learned a new skill. Dad was laying new carpeting in the living room and we quickly put Tony to work. I’m so proud. I fully intend to call this skill into use some day. Just don’t tell him or he’ll purposely forget. He believes that is why handymen exsist. So he doesn’t have to do these things. 🙂
Then we went to Crane to the Antique stores. There were many bargains to be had, but alas, no extra spending money to have them with. (Or space to display them!)

On Sunday it was church where Tony got to hear his first Fire and Brimstone sermon. As many times as I’ve drug him with me, he’s never encountered a true Evangelical sermon before. He was quite wound up afterwards, though for different reasons than the rest of the church! He claims he found the entire thing to be quite entertaining.
So Monday morning, it was back in the car to return to Illinois. The return trip only took 8 1/2 hours which is an appropriate amount of time (though I still long for the days when I was able to make it in a little under 8! That was when I had my Sunfire and my Miata. Those cars know how to hug a road!) I took the next three days off and me and the cats lolled in the sun. Okay, actually they lolled while I pulled weeds. But my little garden is progressing nicely and is mostly weed-free. It’s been a week, so of course some of them are attempting a comeback performance, but after this weekend, they too will be history.

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