Ahhhh…Spring at last!!!

There’s something about the first good spring weekend. That one where it doesn’t even get too cold overnight. Lows in the 40’s Highs in the 60’s. Come Monday morning everyone is in great spirits. It’s like they’ve just come back from Christmas, sharing all the stories, talking about the food and activities.
“I worked in the yard all day! I’m so sore, but the weather was just so perfect!” “We went downtown. It’s always so much fun to see all the people out, rollerblading and biking, and the animals at the Zoo were so active!” “We grilled out! I just love the taste of a grilled steak, don’t you?” The first days of spring, especially after a long winter cause people the to bloom as much as it causes the flowers to push toward the light and warmth. My one plant grew a ½ inch in three hours on Saturday! That was exciting for me. And I let the cats out to play in the garden while I moved leaves and pulled dead plants. They chased each other around, dug and rolled in the dirt and were a terrible mess by the time I brought them back inside. My big white cat was a distinct shade of grey and the little brown ones fur wasn’t nearly as soft as it usually is, though a good brushing that night helped restore their coats a little. It had to be done anyway. The fur they were shedding was horrible!

I rearranged the outside a little too. Over the winter I was gifted my aunts old firepit. This had inspired me to move the “patio” closer to my backdoor. The old patio was on the far side of the driveway and we never used it. This summer, I’ve moved my table, chairs and grill to the little patch of ground right off my back door. I’m hoping the proximity will encourage us to spend more time outside. That’s one of the things I miss the most about my last home in Arizona. The patio. Our family practically lived on that patio. We had many meals out there, we had parties out there, we lounged out there. I miss just spending the time outside. I’m actually a nature girl at heart.

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