Cupcake… Sorta

Well, I did bake more cupcakes, but they weren’t from scratch. They were red velvet from the box, but they rocked. As you know, red velvet is actually chocolate flavored. From the box is cheating, it’s just red dye.A true red velvet involves a wonderful chemical reaction between buttermilk and cocoa powder (or so I’ve been told). But I cheated because my from scatch skills are are still scratchy (pun intended). I made up for it though by breaking up a hershy bar and mixing the chunks in with the batter and then frosting them with chocolate buttercream frosting. Not as over the top as it sounds. It was actually pure heaven and I shared with only two people, my good friend Alexis (who appreciates any baking) and my husband who is more picky.

I did however make English Breakfast Muffins from scratch. They weren’t bad, just a bit on the dry side. I’ve included a picture of them because they were so pretty.

In other culinary feats, I attemped a banna bread with chocolate chips. Also dry and not quite enough banana flavor. Ah well, that’s why box mixes exsist – for those of us that are not quite culinary masters.

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