Biggest Pet Pieve

Chain letters. I hate them. I think their stupid. And I get really annoyed that we all buy into the superstitions surrounding them.

I say “we” because I have been as guilty as the next person for occasionally forwarding these damnable nuisances on. That was in an exsistance before common sense took over for me.

With the advent of email, these have become copius and increasingly manipulative. You’ll be sitting at your computer, reading though the humerous or touching or informative emails a friend has forwarded on to you. You come across yet another one. This one has an especially sad story attached to it. It might even bring tears to your eyes to hear about the plight of the person in this story. Then you get to the bottom only to find threats awaiting you. “If you don’t pass this story on, you will be cursed from now until the day you die, bearing only ugly children who have tails. But that’s not the worst of it, God will hate you.” Okay, I’ve never actually received one with ALL of that as the threat. That’s really more of a combination of all the different threats. But seriously, it was the “If you love God” emails that not only brought me around to see the light, but to become a vehemt hater of these stupid letters. God doesn’t hate me. And he won’t start hating me for not passing on email. Also, I don’t have to forward stories to prove that I love God. You want to know if I love God? I do. I believe in him, I pray to him, I have faith in him. I do not, however, forward emails on his behalf. I personally believe that God is a powerful enough being he doesn’t need Email to prove his exsistance.

I do occasionally enjoy a story attached to a chain letter. In those instances, I’ll forward the story and delete the threats at the bottom. I encourage others to do the same. You will not suffer 7 years of bad luck. You will not suffer 7 years of good luck. Luck is what you make it, and no one is going to show up at your door with a Million $ check because you forwarded an email. Don’t believe me? Have you gotten that check yet? THEN STOP SENDING THEM!!!


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