Cat Haters

I will readily admit as quickly as the next person that not all cats are sweet tempered. But I sometimes get so sick of those people who are definitive cat haters. That’s like being a car hater. Seriously. Cats are like any other species on the planet and they cannot all be lumped into one category of prissy, arrogant, mean tempered, etc.
There are even a large number of myths surrounding cats that perpetuate the hatred towards them. I’m going to dispell a few of those here.
Myth: Cats are Cold and Aloof, Therefore Not Good Pets
Fact: Cats can and do share deep bonds with their human families, which is why most of us consider them family members, as opposed to just “pets.” Cats do not exclude non-family members from their circle either, as witness the many therapy cats that give love and comfort to patients in hospitals, and convalescent homes. Cats are indeed very loving creatures, and their bond with us is so strong that it extends beyond death! (courtesy of

This is true too. Our cat Eddy, the shyer of the two has adopted our friend Alexis as one of his “pets”. When she comes over, he thinks nothing of rubbing himself vigoursly against her (especially if she smells like a smoky fire!)

Cats Are Cowards

Dogs are well known for their heroism, but not many people know that cats, too, have their hours of glory. For instance, Agatha, who saved her family from fire by jumping on their bed. Or a cunning Siamese named Su-Ling, whose ferocious growling and tiger pounce sent a prowler scrambling. Or the story of the courageous feline who scratched her sleeping mistress continuously to save her from fire, knowing the dear, deaf lady could not hear. There are many stories of cats scaring away poisonous reptiles, scorpions, and other unpleasant folk. In Florida, a tiny kitten was credited with alerting her mistress to the danger of a deadly coral snake. Remember, heroism is not confined to only one species of animal. (Courtesy of

Cats Are Stupid

Physiologically, a cat’s brain bears a striking resemblance to that of man-more so than any other animal’s. How do we measure intelligence in an animal? One cannot and should not play one species off against another. Cats, for example, are bored with mazes. But watch them get out of any enclosed space! They can open doors, lift latches, leap many times their own length over walls. Psychologists have noted that their ability to escape confinement is superior to that of any other animal. Besides superb skill and strategy in stalking prey, cats have a built in clock. They know when it’s time for you to come home, and when it is time for bed. (Courtesy of

Again an example from my own cats – I made them a “fishing pole” with a catnip fish on the end. While they enjoy chasing and bating the fish and the “line” (thick white string) they are just as interested in the pole itself. They will even knock it over when they are ready to play.

Cats Are Not Affectionate

The person who thinks a cat is an unloving animal has not given it the chance to be show it’s love. Cats show their affection by “butting” heads, or rubbing their heads against each other. They will do the same thing to a human to show it’s affection. Cats also knead a spot when they are settling in. Believe it or not, this isn’t just them “fluffing” where they intend to lay. It’s a sign of contentment. You know a cat is truly happy with you when they climb into your lap and start kneading you.

And as for the most ridiculous myth of all – Cats sucking babys breath. I direct you to the ultimate online Myth debunker, I would copy and paste it here except that it is lengthy and the long and short of it is that if you believe this, your stupid. Short of being “magical” no creature will lie on top of another creature and forcibly suck the air and life out of it. If death were to occur, it would be from the weight suffocating it, not the act itself, unless the creature were a hoover vacuum cleaner. The fact is, that babies are more often suffocated by the parent rolling on top of them. So quit blaming the cat.


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