Bon Voyage

Am I setting of on a grand trip overseas? No. That would be my job. Not just mine personally. Rather all the Graphic Artist jobs in the Hollinger News Group (that’s the big company that I work for).

Yes ladies and germs, I have joined ranks with hundreds, nay thousands of my fellow Americans whose job has been outsourced to another country. I never really thought about the fact that my job even could be outsourced. I mean, it was suppossed to be just the manufacturing jobs, right. Because these other countries are just hitting their industrial revolution, and America was becoming a service oriented country. We’d moved forward, so, yeah, it totally blew, but it was part of our countries growing up.

Yes, I know thats a load of bullshit, but it was how I justified my dad losing his job and others losing their jobs. We are a glutonous, consumer driven society, so of course if we want to keep buying things at cheap prices, we have to accept that Americans demand too high of a pay scale to keep these consumer goods at an affordable price.

But it’s not just manufacturing jobs. It’s any job that can be done electronically. I mean, I should have suspected that it was coming because it was 5+ years ago that all the computer companies shipped their help desks overseas. And then my own company outsourced our IT department overseas. And our telemarketers were outsourced (though I don’t think that could have been overseas, I mean, you have to speak English to sell things to English speakers, right?). And then our delivery was outsourced to our competitors. So really it was just a matter of time before they outsourced the artist. Should have been obvious. But it wasn’t. I was shocked. Though, contrary to what this sounds like, not really upset. You see, I wasn’t happy at my job. I was bored. Then again, I wasn’t ever really an artist in the first place. I can’t make stuff up from scratch. I have the skills, and I can mimic someone elses work, but I can’t make my own. So I was looking for a way out anyway. Just maybe not quite this soon. After all, I still had a good six months of telling myself that I needed to just find contentment and a bunch of other self help shit.

So anyways. Come mid-summer, I’ll be out of a job. But, I hear that the government (yes, our government) will pay for me to be re-educated as a consolation for making it more cost effective (die NAFTA die) for my company to do all of its business overseas in the first place. So I’m thinking of going back to school to become a vet tech. After all, I like animals. I have a strong stomach (surgery on said animals) and I’m pretty sure that they won’t be able to outsource vetrinary medicine. After all, it’s hard enough to understand a person with an accent who’s telling you how to rebuild your hard drive let alone one who’s trying to instruct you on how to neuter your cat. Think about it. 🙂

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