Happy to be alive. Litterally.

Well, I’ve managed to destroy another car. Maybe everyone who ever told me I was a bad driver was right. This constitutes my fifth car accident. This was also my worst accident. I was driving south towards I-80 and I hit a patch of black ice and I tapped on the brakes. Stupid, but instinct. My car started to fishtail, and I over compensated, went into some snow on the side of the road and over compensated the other way. My car started to spin around into oncoming traffic where someone heading north caught the rear passanger side of my car and spun me back around toward the direction I was originally going only to slam into the gaurd rail. At least I think thats what happened. That’s the best I can make out from the skid marks, and where the damage is on mine and the other guys cars. To be honest, I saw myself heading toward the gaurd rail and I closed my eyes and hung on tight. I was positive that it wouldn’t hold and I was headed into the ditch on the other side. Very scarry.

Amazingly enough though, neither of our air bags deployed and I walked away without a scratch. I was a little stiff and sore the next day, but I’m all better now. This all happened on Wednesday.

As for my car, well, it was about $6000 worth of damage (and that was just repairs, not making it pretty) and the car was only worth about $2500. So I’m once again in the market for a new (used) car.


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