Lost & Found

Sometimes we let our cats out in the enclosed front hallway. It makes them feel like they have more freedom than just being house cats. They don’t always get this freedom however because a) the front hall can get really hot; b) the front hall also open into the neighbors apartment and I think it would be pushing rude too far to let them wander in and out of his place when he has his door open to allow for more fresh air (he doesn’t have any window units like we do); and c) the little monsters sometimes claw at the screens in an attempt to escape.

Well, the big white one, Sammy, was demonstrating his abilities at “C” last night, so Tony picked him up and threw him in the apartment and shut the door. This was probably about 8:30 or 9.

At 11, we realized that we hadn’t seen the little brown one, Eddie, for quite some time. In fact we can’t remember the exact last time we’d seen Eddie and I had been in and out a couple of time that evening to get stuff from the car. (I forgot to mention “D” because the screen door doesn’t always latch tight on it’s own.)

So I throw on some shoes and so does Tony and we grab a flashlight and start circling the house calling “Eddie, here kittie kittie”. Any time in the past that the cats have gotten out, they’ve never gone further than the neighbors yard. So we check the neighbors yard. In fact I walked all the way around the block calling “Eddie, here kittie, kittie” at about 11:30 at night. Nothing. Tony circled a number of blocks in the truck looking for him and still nothing. I put Sammy on his harness (which he will actually walk in) and took him outside thinking maybe he could find his brother. Yeah, let me tell you, cats that think their dogs and will play fetch, are still cats and make lousy blood hounds. He ate some grass. He rolled around in the grass. We managed to circle the entire house before I gave up and drug his non blood hound self back into the apartment and locked him the bathroom. By this time it was 12:30.

So, we opened a can of wet food, and put it in the front hall and propped open the screen door. We layed on the couch for a bit with the front door open too, but Tony said he just wasn’t comfortable trying to sleep with both doors open, so we closed the apartment door.

We tried sleeping on the couch for a while near the open windows hoping to hear him if he came home, but by 1:30 in the morning, it became obvious that he wasn’t coming back tonight and neither one of us was going to succeed in getting any sleep downstairs, so we went up to bed.

I know we both slept lightly and Tony slept less than I did. He was almost asleep at one point when Sammy, whom we’d long ago let out of the bathroom jumped up on him. He thought maybe Eddie had come home, so he came downstairs and checked and then couldn’t get back to sleep again for a while.

It was a long adreneline ridden night, and I don’t think either of us realized how important that little guy was to us until we faced the possability of never seeing him again.

At 5:30 this morning, I woke up to this light thumping noise. Unable to identify it, I threw on some pants and ran downstairs. Sammy was laying in front of the front door staring at it intently. I cautiously opened the door to keep Sammy from making a break for it and Eddie dashed past my legs into the house like a demon was after him.

I picked him up and started loving on him right away and took him upstairs to show Tony that he was home. He purred and snuggled down for a few minutes, then scrabbled to get away and go find a safe zone. His eyes were huge and his tail was twice it’s normal size. I don’t think he’ll be volunteering to go out again anytime soon. He’s never been an outdoor cat and I can’t understand why he traveled so far from home last night, but he’s back and that’s all that’s important to me.

On a side note, Sammy has been giving him a good “what-for” ever since he got home. He even raised his paw and bonked him on the head at one point.

Tony was able to go on to work, but my adreneline system collapsed when he came home and I ended up with severe stomach cramps and a headache. I guess I don’t handle stress very well.

For those who think this is a pathetic story, you trying loosing the equivalant of a child and see if you don’t get upset too. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty attached to my cats. Just look at all the pictures I take of them.


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