Update on Stella

December 6, 2006

I got my car back from the mechanic today. It cost me $542 to get her out of the “hospital”, but lets face it, she was really sick. Turns out that the reason she wouldn’t start was because the hose that is supposed to be attached to the fuel vapor canister (this returns fuel vapors to the tank instead of into the atmosphere) wasn’t and it managed to suck up a whole bunch of slush and other disgusting things from the snowstorm and dumped them into my fuel tank. They had to empty 3 gallons of water out of the fuel tank and that doesn’t count the water in the engine and the oil and other places water isn’t supposed to be on a car. On the bright side, they may have caught a potential flat tire before it happened. They said that one of the rear ones is bad, so I’m going to Discount tomarrow to have them take a look at it. If it is going bad, then they can order me a new one now, so when it finally blows, it will already be on hand! Whoopee!

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