This year so far…

January 16, 2007

Okay, just a few highlights to catch anyone who cares up on my life (boy! That was a crappy sentance!)

My mom’s eye suddenly went dark on Christmas Day. When she saw her doctor they said it was something that couldn’t be fixed until the eye drained, so they came up over New Years and we all visited and sent the day with my brother and his girlfriend and had a great time.

When mom got back to MO she saw her Dr. for a follow up only to learn that her retina had detached and she was going to have to have surgery. And all this only weeks after her carple tunnel surgery. So she had some kind of gas bubble placed on her eye and some kind of buckle to fix the retina and then two days later, an ice storm ripped across MO crippling the state. My parents do not have a fire place, so they had to stay with friends overnight as large portions of the state are without power and will be for the rest of the week. They were very fortunate to have managed to buy a generator off of a semi after a 12 hour weight, during which my father stood around in the cold and ice. Thank God neither of his new hips seem to be bothering him. It doesn’t keep me from worrying about them both though. But what can you do. Parents will be parents!

In our news, Tony’s truck had to get a whole new exhaust system and clutch all in one go.Thank God for Jose (our machanic). It only took two days and was about $930 for the two. I don’t even want to think what this could have cost at someplace else!

Happily, I’m still employed at both of my jobs. I wasn’t sure I would be right before Christmas. Both companies have been undergoing changes and letting people go left and right, but I missed the proverbial scythe this go-round.

Tony and I are saving for a vacation at the end of May to Florida. My oldest nephew is suppossed to graduate from H.S. in Orlando and after that we thought we’d have our honeymoon finally.

As with all new years, the cosmic powers that be have stated quite blatently that this year will not be any different from predecing years. It will issue a quota of joy and a quota of sorrow and how we deal with and react to these quotas will be our choice. So to all, I wish a happy continuation of your life already in progress.

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