This Sucks!

July 19, 2006

So, I’m completely annoyed. I work part time at a college and they are constantly offering seminar classes to employees to improve ourselves our skills at Excel, or Word, or other computer related programs. The school also has a program called Ed2Go that offers tons of non-accredited classes covering many topics from office management, to accounting to photography. I’ve taken a number of these classes, paid for by the school, because I was “improving my skills for my department”. This even includes an intro to photography class.

I had signed up to take Speed Spanish. We have started getting bi-linguel tests for ACT assigned to us. These are individuals who speak English, but are not comfortable with it, therefore desire to take their test in Spanish. I thought, since no one in our department speaks a lick of Spanish, this would be killing two birds with one stone. It would make me more desireable as an employee and would also be legitimatly beneficial to our department, unlike the other classes I took which were really more beneficial to me.

Well, just as I was preparing to leave today, I get a phone call from Marge, who is the secreatry for Ed2Go. She was calling to inform me that the Technolgy Training only covers computer or internet classes (meaning classes about computers or the internet) and does not cover Spanish. I told her about the Photography class, but she said I must be mistaken, because those types of classes are not covered. I told her she’d have to drop me from the class because I didn’t have the money to pay for it.

I don’t know which I’m more annoyed about; the fact that when every job opening out there is asking for bi-linguel employees, companys are not willing to foot the bill to train exsisting employees to become bi-linguel, or the fact that full time employees not only get all their classes paid for and can earn their associates degree free of charge and get a huge discount for their spouses and children, but part timers can’t even get a break on the tuition. Either way, they both suck. And I’ve changed my mind. I’m equally annoyed at both. You can call it Equal Opportunity Annoyance.

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